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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Get the details of Privacy Policy.

Our website uses "cookies". You can specify the conditions for storage or access to your data by changing the "cookies" in your browser.

This "Privacy Policy" makes it clear that for what purpose our website use "cookies" and how the user can specify the conditions for the use of "cookies". By using this site you consent to the use of "cookies" in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


What are "cookies"?

"Cookies" are short text files that are stored in the browser or on hard disk of  website user, which uses "cookies."In the case of re-visit of the website "cookies" allow the device to recognize the end-user and adapt the website to his preferences.


What are the functions "cookies"?

"Cookies" may serve different functions. The basic ones this remembering user preferences and customizing them to web content, enabling the compilation of statistics of websites or the ability a command to the user of contents that is most suitable for him.


For what purpose we use "cookies"?

"Cookies" used by the software Sklepicom are used on our websites for the following purposes:

  1. Configuration Service - Allowing the settings of functions and services on the site.
  2. Authentication - enable information when the user is offline, so that your site can show the appropriate information and functions.
  3. Surveys and studies of user behavior - allow reading user preferences and through their analysis of improving and developing products and services. The collection of information is done anonymously, without identifying personal data of individual users and includes data on recently viewed products and participate in the survey.


Which "cookies" do we use?

On their websites we use several types of cookies, which we distinguish due to the following criteria:

  1. Due to the time that the file "cookie" is placed on the user device end - we use both "cookies" placed on the session time (the time using a browser), and the files which are not deleted after you close your browser and remain in the user's device for a specified period of time or without a validity period.
  2. Due to the origin of exhibitors - we use both "cookies" for own use and "cookies" external, coming from partners with whom we work.
  3.  Due to interference with privacy - usually we use "cookies" needed for allow operation of the functionality of the site, the use of which is does not consist in user tracking. In addition, we also use "cookies" to track users' behavior, but we do not collect information to identify the personal information a specific user.

Do we use "cookies" coming from third parties?

We use cookies external, from the entities with whom we work. Due to the fact that the way some "cookies" coming from external partners may be different than shown in this policy, please read the information on these "cookies" available on the websites of our partners:





How to remove or block "cookies"?

The default web browser settings usually allow you to place "cookies" on users' terminal equipment. According to the art. 173 paragraph. 2 of the Telecommunications Act (Dz. U. of 21.12.2012., Pos. 1445) leaving the browser settings after receiving information about "cookies" used in the site is tantamount to consent to the use of "cookies" on websites .

You can change the default browser settings in order to avoid placing "cookies" on his device. Description of configuration files "cookies" for different browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Bing, Safari.

Note, however, that removing or blocking "cookies" may be related to the fact that some sections of our websites will not function correctly. In particular blockade "cookies" makes it impossible to log on to our website or the use of "Buy".


Other data collection
On our servers are stored data other than those that we acquire with the use of "cookies". These data are primarily IP addresses, so the numbers assigned to devices from which users browse the content published on our site. We store the date of request to our server, the name of user workstation and information about the used browser.  In addition, if the user is redirected to a web page of our site from another website, that we collect information about the URL from which you were.

Use of data

The collected data are stored primarily in order to ensure the highest quality administration service. In addition, we use them to compile statistics about how to use the users of our service. Except for authorized law by public authorities.



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